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Xtraordinare WCF

(Marekk x RA Sheiklani)

2018 Region 5 Champion Yearling Colt

Sheikara WCF

(EF Kingston x RA Sheiklani)

To be shown at the 2019 Scottsdale show with Gary McDonald

Heart of Karat

March 13, 2018

Congratulations to Kimber Beimler of Canada on her purchase of Heart of Karat WCF.

Bella Fortunata WCF

2018 Scottsdale Show

Congratulations to Bella Fortunata WCF for her Top Ten finishes in the Classic Yearling Fillies and International Yearling Fillies classes!

Heart of Karat WCF

Heart of Karat WCF being presented at the 2017 Arabian Farm Tours in Scottsdale at McDonald Arabians

Bella Fortunata WCF

2017 Breeders Finals

Bella Fortunata WCF takes a top 10 in the Champion Weanling Filly class at the 2017 Breeders Finals in Scottsdale with Gary McDonald!

Bella Fortunata WCF
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